Wall Hanging Tutorial

What is more romantic to let your loved one know that you love him than by making this cute wall hanging. I know it might sound childish but nothing is more pure because it comes out of your heart and through your hand on a piece of paper. That’s why it is said that things that come from the heart are better expressed in your own expression. So let your creativity and your love flow in the truest way.

I believe it’s better to spend half of the money making your own rather than spending twice as much but not getting the thing you want for him. This project costs you almost nothing, but the results are almost priceless.To make this DIY wall hanging, all you need is paints, some glitter and the cutest idea of a drawing you can come up with. This wall hanging is super cute and can be made in the shape of a door hanging for a warm welcome for him too, so that it catches his eyes when he comes home.

DIY Wall Hanging Tutorial – Supplies:

1. Glitter sheet 1×1 cm

2. Scissors

3. Chart paper (grey)

4. Punch machine

5. Golden Marker.

6. Glue

7. Paints(acrylic/Water paints)

8. Scale

9. Paint brushes

10. A lace rope ( 10 inch piece)


Hanging Frame 1


DIY Wall Hanging Tutorial Steps:

1. Taking scissors and Scale.

2. Cut the chart with mentioned measurements: 23 cm length and 20 cm width.

3. Punch holes from one side of the frame.

4. Make sure the holes are even from the corner.

5. Draw a telescope. Keep it simple. Mine was too childish but its okay we are making it cute not professional.

6. Draw the border. Design it anyway you want.

7. Taking a silver pen/marker to draw some small random stars.

8. Draw a moon on the right corner with the border.

9. Paint the telescope using the typical blue and white shade.

10. Let it dry.

11. Paint the border in any shape. I curved the border to give it a window effect.

12. When the paint is dry, pass the rope thought punched holes, and tie knots at both ends.

13. Taking the Glitter sheet, cut out a small heart, and paste it into the starry sky.

14. Personalize with your message.

Hanging Frame art work 1

Hanging Frame art work 2


Viola! Your lovely wall hanging is ready for him. ♥

Hanging Frame Final