Toilet Paper Roll Makeup Brush Holder

Hey you! My philosophy is that there is nothing more genuine than what you design and make by yourself, with your own taste and choice. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money for doing so either. It is easy to reuse things generally considered as useless, junk, or trash. Today I will show you how to make a cute toilet paper roll makeup brush holder.

This glam-it-yourself makeup brush holder is light weight, cute, and made with your own taste and requirement. By Glam-it, I really mean Glamorize an ordinary holder or raw material into something that you won’t be able to find in the shelves of your local shops. This toilet paper roll makeup brush holder is easy to make and looks super cute as a makeup brush holder or makeup accessory holder. Plus you can customize its color to match your room.

You won’t have to spend much money for such item as a makeup brush holder, when you can easily make your own using recycled supplies at home. This holder project is fun, feasible, creative, and most of all, genuine, because you made it. So go ahead and make your very own Glam-it-yourselfm makeup brush holder.

I have used a toilet paper roll, a cloth I bought from a local curtain shop, which is beaded with small pearls. The pearls and the cloth matched the texture of my room perfectly and went well with my baby pink dressing table. And I made this with 100% low-cost and reusable materials. Who knew that toilet paper rolls could come to such a use? It looks super cute and so manageable. You can use ribbons, make it like confetti using sequins and glitters, or make it in ombre shade using paints or dyed fabrics. I am sure you will be inspired into coming up with even more creative ways. This is you!


Toilet Paper Roll Makeup Brush Holder supplies:

1. A cardboard piece 5X5 inches
2. Toilet Paper roll
3. Scissors
4. PVC or white glue
5. Glitter sheets(optional)
6. A piece of torn or good Fabric(just the measurement of the roll)
7. Ribbon( for decoration)
8. Paint Brushes ( for glue application)

DIY Beaded Makeup Brush holder 1



Toilet Paper Roll Makeup Brush Holder Steps:

1. Take the cardboard and measure the base of the toilet roll and draw a circle that will be glued to the base of the toilet roll.
2. The circle should be of equal diameter.
3. Glue the corner of the roll.
4. Fix the cardboard at one end of the roll.
5. Let the body dry and
6. Sprinkle some glitter or as I used; you can also use a glitter sheet and cut it the size of the cardboard and paste it on the base.
7. When the base is completely dry
8. Glue the whole roll and let it dry for two min or so to make the glue sticky as you are going to stick a cloth on it.
9. Start by wrapping from one end tight and make sure the cloth doesn’t crease.
10. Glue the corner and stick it firmly with glue. Make sure you glue any thread.
11. Stick/ glue the loose end inside of the roll.
12. Decorate using ribbons or glitter sheets.

Fabric Pencil Holder 2

DIY Beaded MAkeup Brush holder 3

Voila! Isn’t the toilet paper roll makeup brush holder gorgeous?

DIY final