Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Pencil holder

Do you need a new pen or pencil holder to organize your desk? You don’t have to spend much money to buy a pencil holder. You can DIY one easily, pretty much use recycled materials. Let me show you how to make this DIY toilet paper roll pencil holder. It is one of the toilet paper roll crafts that is quite easy to make. Let’s go green.

This vase like pencil holder can hold several pens, pencils, or other small items. Whether you do a lot of sketching, writing or just make a lot of notes, such a pencil holder is convenient to get your stuff better organized.

It is quite easy to decorate your pencil holder to show your personal touch. In this tutorial, I will show you how to decorate the pencil holder with a piece of fabric. You can get the fabric from recycled dress, jeans, lace, table runner, and so on. You can also use such other material as wrapping sheets, ribbons, or sponge sheets. You can just paint the toilet rolls. The possibility is really endless.

Without further ado, let us check out my pencil holder toilet paper roll crafts.


Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Pencil Holder: Supplies

1. A cardboard piece 5X5 inches
2. Toilet Paper rolls
3. Scissors
4. PVC or white glue
5. Glitter sheets(optional)
6. A piece of torn or good Fabric(just the measurement of the roll)
7. Ribbon( for decoration)
8. Paint Brushes ( for glue application)

Fabric Pencil holder 1

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Pencil holder: Steps

1. Take the cardboard and measure the base of the toilet paper roll and draw a circle that will be glued to the base of the toilet paper roll.
2. The circle should be of equal diameter.
3. Glue the corner of the roll.
4. Fix the cardboard at one end of the roll.
5. Let the body dry and
6. Sprinkle some glitter as I used; you can also use a glitter sheet and cut it the size of the cardboard and paste it on the base.
7. When the base is completely dry
8. Glue the whole roll and let it dry for two min or so to make the glue sticky as you are going to stick a cloth on it.
9. Start by wrapping from one end tight and make sure the cloth doesn’t crease.
10. Glue the corner and stick it firmly with glue. Make sure you glue any thread.
11. Stick/ glue the loose end inside of the roll.
12. Decorate using ribbons or glitter sheets.

Fabric Pencil Holder 2

Fabric Pencil holder 3

Your cute toilet paper roll pencil holder is done. You can also make multiple of them and glue them together if you have many pens and pencils to hold.

Do you like this DIY project? Have you done any similar toilet paper roll crafts? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment area below.

Fabric Pencil holder Final