Tablet Cases / E-book Cover DIY Tutorial

Today I would like to share with you how to make DIY tablet cases or E-book covers.

If you were to ask me what I think the best invention of the last 20 years was, I would, without hesitation, answer it must be the e-book. I’m not old (at least I don’t think I am, but who does;)), but the fact that I can easily carry around a whole library still seems like science fiction to me.

Naturally, I cherish my Kindle above all else, and want to keep it as safe as possible. But I also like my accessories to reflect my tastes and style, so I had to make my own Kindle e-book cover. This is the perfect sewing project- uses little fabric, comes together in around an hour (if you don’t go overboard with the decorations) and also makes a wonderful homemade gift for boyfriends or fathers, who are sometimes harder to craft for.

This tutorial shows you how to make a cover or case for Kindle Ebook, but you can easily tailor it to your other type of e-book, tablets, or iPad.

DIY Tablet Cases / E-book Cover DIY Supplies


  • approximately half of a fat quarter (approximately 30 cm x 25 cm, but the size depends on the appliance you’re making the cover for) of sturdy fabric (or quilting cotton+interfacing)
  • the same amount of fabric for the lining
  • a small (approximately 20 cm x 30 cm) piece of felt
  • 2 pieces of sturdy cardboard (like from an old box) approximately 12cm x 20cm, just around 2 cm bigger than the appliance you’re making the cover for
  • a metal snap

DIY Tablet Cases / E-book Cover DIY Instructions

1. Measure whatever you’re making the cover for (or get the information about the size from the internet). Then cut out a fabric piece from the outside fabric that’s twice as wide + 4 cm and as tall + 3 cm. Cut the same amount from the lining. (this measurements are for a 1.5 cm sewing allowance)

2. Cut a rectangular piece of the felt that’s 1 cm larger in both width and height then your appliance. Also cut 2 rectangles with a 5 cm side. Then cut them in half diagonally so you get 4 triangles for the corners.

3. For the closure of the tablet cases, cut out a rectangle 8 cm x 5cm from both fabrics and round one of the short sides on both fabric pieces. You should have fabric pieces similar to the ones illustrated in the picture (device size for reference).


4. If you’re decorating the front of the cover, decorate the right half of the outside fabric with whatever you want. Then insert the magnetic snap in the middle (height wise) 4 cm away from the right side (see picture).

On the inside, attach the triangles to the edges of the felt rectangle, then attach the whole thing to the right side of the lining fabric- 2.5 cm away from the edges. I also added a “This kindle belongs to” felt piece on the left, but that’s completely optional.

sewing insides

5. Press 1.5 cm of fabric on the top edges of both the lining and the outside fabric to the wrong side of fabric (for hemming later). Attach the other half of the magnetic snap to the lining fabric of the closure piece. Sew both pieces of fabric for the closure right sides together, leaving one edge open. Turn, press and top stitch.


6. Pin both fabrics right sides together with the closure pieces sandwiched in between, positioned in the middle of the left side of the outside fabric. Sew around the sides and the bottom.


7. Then turn left side out and press and top stitch all around. Insert both cardboard pieces and sew the top. And your tablet case / e-book cover is done!