Sunglasses For St. Patrick’s Day

Sunglasses are not only protective gears to keep our eyes away from the harmful UV rays from the sun, but also fashionable accessories. For some people, sunglasses are fashion statements. They complement the attires of the wearers and make them look fancier. Sunglasses vary from plastics to such metals as titanium, which is lighter.  On some occasions, sunglasses are used for parties or special events. And St. Patrick’s Day is one of such special events. Instead of buying St. Patrick’s sunglasses from the store, why don’t you make your own cool sunglasses for St. Patrick’s Day. I am here to teach you how to make sunglasses for St. Patrick’s Day.  So let us start!


Sunglasses For St. Patrick’s Day – Supplies:

  • 2 pieces colored board (green and lighter colored board)
  • scissors
  • a piece of white pipe cleaner
  • pencil
  • yellow cellophane
  • double-sided tape
  • short, pointed scissor
  • cutter or X-actor knife
  • hot glue
  • pattern paper
  • a small plastic cup that is a right fit to your eyes (this is for reference only)

sunglass photo materials



Step By Step Tutorial To Make Cool Sunglasses For St. Patrick’s Day:

Step 1:  Trace two circles from the plastic cup in a green board.  Make sure that this will fit your eyes.

sunglass photo 1


Step 2:  Cut the traced circles.

sunglass photo 2


Step 3:  Cut a lighter board that is slightly bigger than the two green circles.

sunglass photo 3


Step 4:  Cut the light colored board in accordance with the green circles, but leave an allowance or border when you cut.

sunglass photo 4


Step 5:  Draw a small shamrock on a piece of pattern paper.  Cut this shamrock pattern afterwards.

sunglass photo 5


Step 6:  Temporarily stick the two boards together.  Make sure that the two are properly aligned.

sunglass photo 6


Step 7:  Trace the shamrock pattern in the middle of the green circle.  Do this on the other circle.

sunglass photo 7


Step 8:  Cut shamrock on the board using a sharp X-acto knife or a sharp cutter.  Take note that you will be cutting a two-layered board so you really need a sharp one.

sunglass photo 8


Step 9:  Pop-out the shamrocks of the sunglasses body.

sunglass photo 9


Step 10:  Separate the boards now and stick small double-sided tapes around the shamrock body of the green sunglasses body.  Remove the sticks after.

sunglass photo 10


Step 11:  Stretch the yellow cellophane and carefully place it above the green sunglasses body with double-sided tapes.

sunglass photo 11


Step 12:  Cut the excess cellophane on the sides.

sunglass photo 12


Step 13:  Align the two sunglasses boards now and hot glue them together.

sunglass photo 13


Step 14:  Bend the white pipe cleaner into two equal parts.  Cut this after.  This will be the temple of the sunglasses.

sunglass photo 14


Step 15:  Hot glue the temples on both ends of the sunglasses body.

sunglass photo 15


Step 16:  Fold the temples like a normal sunglasses would do.

sunglass photo 16


Step 17:  Curve the ends since this will hold your ears when you wear it.

sunglass photo 17


Step 18:  Finally done!

sunglass photo 18


Step 19:  You can now wear your cool St. Patrick’s sunglasses!  Wear it in the parade or celebration and be proud!  Hope you like it!

sunglass photo 19


Isn’t it a nice and fun crafts for kids? Let me know your thoughts.

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