St. Patrick’s Day Ring

Rings are accessories that are worn, particularly in the ring finger. Rings may be fancy, some are classic and expensive.  We also give rings to celebrate such special occasions as engagements, weddings, and St. Patrick’s Day. Today, we will be making a very timely ring that would fit the St. Patrick’s day occasion.  This is a cool and fun activity for kids and the kids at heart.  If you like the idea, then let’s begin crafting this St. Patrick’s Day Ring!


Supplies For St. Patrick’s Day Ring:

  • rubber sponges (yellow green, yellow and white)
  • Short, pointed scissors
  • scissors
  • hot glue

ring photo materials



Step By Step Tutorial To Make a St. Patrick’s Day Ring:

Step 1:  Cut a  centimeter yellow green strip.

ring photo 1


Step 2:  Measure your ring finger by wrapping the yellow green strip around it.  Hot glue the strip as to where the measurement is.

ring photo 2


Step 3:  Wrap the closed strip again to double the thickness of the ring body.  Cut the excess strip.

ring photo 3


Step 4:  Using the excess strip, wrap the intersection of the ring body twice.  Seal this and cut the excess strip.

ring photo 4


Step 5:  Cut a small shamrock from the white rubber sponge.

ring photo 5


Step 6:  Hot glue the white shamrock to the yellow rubber sponge.

ring photo 6


Step 7:  Cut the yellow sponge in accordance to the shape of the white shamrock, but leave a small border around to achieve better results.

ring photo 7


Step 8:  Hot glue the shamrock to the wrapping strip of the ring body.

ring photo 8


Step 9:  Try wearing the ring and make necessary adjustments possible.

ring photo 9


Step 10:  Finally done!  You can now wear the ring that is perfect for the occasion.  Enjoy!

ring photo 10


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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