S’mores Cookies

Another sweet treat that you can make for as fast as 5 minutes,Snack-size S’mores Cookies! These sweet treats are perfect for parties, snacking, or even just a fun craft with the kids. They are simple yet will rock your S’mores cravings. The creamy chocolate, melty golden marshmallow and crisp graham crackers are the perfect combo. Even easier, you only need oven toaster and no-campfire needed.

I’m sure you’ll love these treats just as much as we did. Try them Now!

S’mores Cookies Recipe : Ingredients and Supplies:

S’mores Cookies – Instructions

1. Get all your ingredients needed.

2. Break graham cracker sheets in half and line them in a baking sheet. About 1/2 inch apart from each other

3. Using scissors cut the marshmallows in half.

4. Put the marshmallows on top of the graham crackers. The sticky side down.

5. Set the oven toaster for 1 minute. Toast until the mallows turned golden.

6. Immediately remove from oven and gently press 1 triangle of the toblerone bar into the center of each toasted marshmallow.

7. Sprinkle each s’mores with crushed graham crackers.

8. Serve warm. Enjoy your S’more Cookies Bites!