How To Make A Wallet

Have you ever wondered how to make a wallet? Wallet is a necessity for most of us, since we use it to carry our cash, credit cards and IDs.  Wallets can be complex or simple.  Simple wallets are usually made from cotton, leather or from other fabric materials.  Simple wallets usually accommodate cash alone, regardless if it’s in form of coins or paper bills. Today, we will be making simple but pretty wallet made from rubber sponge.  Let’s start making this wallet now!


How To Make A Wallet – Supplies

  • rubber sponge of different colors
  • short pointed scissors
  • Velcro
  • scissors
  • hot glue

sponge wallet photo 1


How To Make A Wallet – Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1:  Cut a big rectangle from the green rubber sponge.  The size would depend on your liking.

sponge wallet photo 2


Step 2:  Fold the lower portion of the rectangle crosswise.

sponge wallet photo 3


Step 3:  Fold the top portion over the first fold.  This is slightly thinner compared to the first folded part.  This will be the closing flap of the wallet.

sponge wallet photo 4


Step 4:  Curve the closing flap of the wallet using a scissor.

sponge wallet photo 5


Step 5:  On the body part of the wallet, carefully pinch small holes on each side of it.  Use the short pointed scissor for this.  Make sure that the spacing is reasonable for the wallet not to loosely open later on.

sponge wallet photo 6


Step 6:  Cut two thin strips of orange rubber sponge.  This will be used to sew the sides of the wallet.

sponge wallet photo 7


Step 7:  Make a loop on the end of the orange rubber sponge and sew the sides of the wallet using an overcast stitch.  If you are having a hard time stitching this, you can aid it with a pointed scissor.

sponge wallet photo 8


Step 8:  Upon reaching the end of topmost part of the wallet, make a tight loop to securely hold the stitch together.  Do the same steps on the opposite side of the wallet.

sponge wallet photo 9


Step 9:  Cut a small piece of Velcro.  This will be used as an adhesive of the wallet flap.

sponge wallet photo 10


Step 10:  Hot glue the Velcro into place.

sponge wallet photo 11


Step 11:  Cut a medium size ribbon from the purple rubber sponge.

sponge wallet photo 12


Step 12:  Stick the purple ribbon to the pink rubber sponge.  Cut the pink rubber sponge based on the lining of the purple ribbon.  Make sure that you leave a small allowance on the side to create a better effect.

sponge wallet photo 13


Step 13:  Cut a small square from the red rubber sponge and place it in the middle of the purple ribbon.  Cut four short strips of red rubber sponge, as well.  This will be glued on both sides of the ribbon to create a 3d-ish effect on it.

sponge wallet photo 14


Step 14:  Hot glue the ribbon on the middle part of the wallet flap.

sponge wallet photo 15


Step 15:  Finally done!  You now have a pretty rubber sponge wallet that you can flaunt to your friends.  This is perfect for paper bills since it will not hold that much weight.  Coins can also be placed but do not fill it with heavy coins.

sponge wallet photo 16


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