How to make a candle

Ever felt like making a pretty candle to decorate your home? Well, here’s an idea! You most certainly have some used hand cream bottles lying around in your house. Those little glass bottles are usually good looking. They are perfect for your beautiful DIY candles. Do not use plastic bottles. The fire may melt it when you burn the candle. Let me show you how to make a candle with a hand cream bottle. It is quite easy. Let’s start.



How to make a candle – Supplies

candle wax ( you can buy it or use old candles )

candle wick ( again, can be bought, or taken from an old candle )

– empty glass hand cream bottle.


How to make a candle


1. Grate or chop your wax. Be sure to do this on a wooden board that you don’t use for cooking anymore.



2. Fill a pot with water.  Put the wax pieces in a bowl and put the bowl inside the pot. Turn the fire on.



3. Wait until the candle wax completely melts. This can take about 10-15 minutes.



4. Put the candle wick inside the cream box. You can secure it with a toothpick if it won’t stay straight.



5. Pour the melted candle wax.



6.  Wait for the wax to solidify and enjoy your new candle!