LUCKY St. Patrick’s Door Hanger

Clovers are often associated with St. Patrick’s Day.  They have a three-leaf, which is a shamrock and a four-leaf, which is a Celtic charm.  It is often believed that when you have them, you will have luck in your life.  Four-leaf clover is very rare that it is only in Ireland that they grow a lot.  That is where the phrase “luck of the Irish” originated.  Today, we will bring the luck in every doorstep by making a LUCKY door hanger that can be displayed during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration to bring luck inside your rooms or houses any time you want. Ready for your lucky door hanger? Let us begin now!


Supplies For LUCKY St. Patrick’s Door Hanger:

  • rubber sponge (green and white)
  • Short, pointed scissors
  • 1 centimeter thick yellow ribbon
  • popsicle sticks
  • hot glue
  • pattern paper
  • pencil
  • green Sharpie or any permanent marker

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Steps in making Lucky St. Patrick’s Door Hanger:

Step 1:  Form a square from the popsicle sticks.  Make sure that you have an excess on each of the sides.  The horizontal popsicles should be placed on the back, while the vertical ones are on top of it.  Add a middle popsicle stick as a guide later on.

door hanger photo 1


Step 2:  Stick two more popsicle sticks on both sides of the middle stick.  You must form a small fence-looking object.

door hanger photo 2


Step 3:  Draw a medium shamrock that will perfectly fit in the dimensions of the fence that you made.

door hanger photo 3


Step 4:  Cut the shamrock pattern.  Use this pattern to cut a white shamrock.

door hanger photo 4


Step 5:  Hot glue the white shamrock on the green rubber sponge.

door hanger photo 5


Step 6:  Cut the green rubber sponge based on the shape of the shamrock.  Leave a small border on the edges to create a floating effect on the shamrock itself.

door hanger photo 6


Step 7:  Write the word LUCKY in the middle of the rubber shamrock.  Be creative and spontaneous as possible.

door hanger photo 7


Step 8:  Hot glue the shamrock on the popsicle fence.

door hanger photo 8


Step 9:  Cut a foot length of yellow ribbon.  This will be used to hang the popsicle fence.

door hanger photo 9


Step 10:  Stick the yellow ribbon on the excess part of the top horizontal stick.

door hanger photo 10


Step 11:  Tada!  The Lucky door hanger is now done!

door hanger photo 11


Step 12:  You can now hang your LUCKY St. Patrick’s door hanger.  Enjoy!

door hanger photo 12


How do you like it?

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