Lace Necklaces – How To Make Embroidered Lace NeckLaces

Lace necklaces have been on trend for quite a while now. You can get lace necklaces in a lot of high-street shops. You can also easily make them yourself with store-bought lace and stiffener, but I think the best way to make your own lace necklaces is, if you also make the lace (or rather let your embroidery machine make some for you ; )).

There’s numerous free-standing lace embroidery designs available all over the internet, so finding one that really suits your style shouldn’t be too hard. Then it’s just a matter of choosing the right colour of thread and having a bit of patience – free-standing lace designs usually take a while to stitch out. If you’re doing it for the first time, a try might also go wrong, but don’t give up, once you get a handle of embroidery lace necklaces, you won’t get enough

What you need for this embroidered lace necklaces project:


  • water soluble stabilizer
  • embroidery thread (and a bobbin wound with the same thread)
  • metal chains
  • jump rings (4 per necklace)
  • clasps
  • embroidery machine
  • hand sewing needle

Step by step lace necklaces DIY instructions:

1. Hoop the stabilizer very tight, because you really don’t want anything to move or stretch or pull when you sew. Let the machine do the work, but check on it regularly so no mistakes happen. It’s very important that both the top and the bottom side of the embroidery look nice.


2. Cut the designs out of the stabilizer, but you don’t have to go too close to the edges, you’ll melt it away with water anyway. Wash away the stabilizer with warm water. Let the designs dry. (place something heavy on top, otherwise it might curl up while drying).

step 2

3. Cut two strands of the metal chain to your desired length. Attach a jump ring at one end of each of them.


4. Sew the lace to the jump rings by hand with the same thread you used to embroider it. (around 8-10 stitches on each side are enough, and it’s best if you kind of knot each stitch around the ring)

5. Attach the clasp to one side of the necklace and another jump ring to the other. And voila, your beautiful embroidery lace necklace is done!