Key Tags DIY Tutorial

Key tags are used to label the keys that we own.  These are great for people who are having problems memorizing which key belong to which door or locker.  Most of the time, key tags are made from plastic material and are available in several plain colors.  Today, we will be making a personalized key tag to show off your personality.  Personalized key tags are great as gifts or even a perfect gift for yourself.  In this manner, we can put a personal touch in the way we label our keys.  So if you want to make one for yourself or for a friend, let us begin crafting now!


Supplies for DIY Personalized Key Tags:

  • 2 pieces of craft felt (contrasting colors)
  • light colored cardboard
  • puncher
  • plastic cover
  • key ring
  • big sewing needle
  • crochet thread
  • hot glue
  • pen

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Cute Personalized Key Tags DIY Tutorial


Step 1:  Cut two rectangles from the pink craft felt, the dimensions are 6.5 cm. by 3 cm.  Cut another piece of green felt, which is 5 cm by 3 cm.

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Step 2:  Curve one side of the pink rectangle.  Do this for both.

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Step 3:  Cut a curved rectangle hole in the middle of the green rectangle.  Leave a small border on the sides of it.

key tag photo 4


Step 4:  Cut a small piece of plastic cover that fits on the green rectangle.

key tag photo 5


Step 5:  Hot glue the small piece of plastic cover on top of the green rectangle.  Make sure that this covers the hole in middle.

key tag photo 6


Step 6:  Cut the excess plastic on the sides of it.

key tag photo 7


Step 7:  Single thread the sewing needle with a crochet thread.

key tag photo 8


Step 8:  Align the felt pieces in the following manner, starting from the bottom:  Two pink rectangular felt and the green rectangle with plastic.  Make sure that the plastic part of the green felt is in the inner part of the sandwich.  The edge of the green should align on the sharp edge part of the pink felt.

key tag photo 9


Step 9:  Sew the key tag now around its edges using a blanket stitch.

key tag photo 10


Step 10:  Cut a small piece of rectangle from the light colored cardboard.  This should fit inside the pocket of the key tag.

key tag photo 11


Step 11:  Write the location as to which the key that you will be assigning the tag will be.  Example of which are main door, kitchen, parent’s room or even office room. Or you can write something that shows off your cool personality.

key tag photo 12


Step 12:  Insert the label on the pocket of the key tag.

key tag photo 13


Step 13:  Carefully put a hole on the middle topmost part of the key tag.  Use a paper puncher for this.  This will be used to insert the key ring

key tag photo 14


Step 14:  Insert the key ring on the key tag.

key tag photo 15


Step 15:  Insert now the keys on the key tag.  Finally done!  You now have a cute and personalized key tag.  You can make several key tags for your rooms and even to your locker or car keys, if you want.  Hope you like it!

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