How to make scented sachets

Sachets are small paper or fabric bags containing perfumed powder, dried flowers or various spices, placed among clothes to spread a pleasant scent. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make scented sachets.

I always found it hard to make DIY sachets because of the items needed. Most tutorials ask for a variety of dried flowers which I was never able to find. But after a while, I came with an easy idea. Why not use scented tea to fill the sachets? I tried and it worked great! The smell is powerful enough to fill your entire closet! So let me teach you how to make scented sachet now.


How to make scented sachets – supplies:

– fabric

– scissors

– ribbon

– scented tea


How to make scented sachets:

1. Cut a long strip of fabric, around 35×20 cm.



2. Fold it in half with the prettier side inside. Start sewing lengthwise.



3. Leave the top as it is, so you can put the scented tea inside.



4. Now turn the sachet inside out.



5. It should look something like this. The sewed thread will not be visible.



6. Put 1-2 teaspoons of tea inside the sachet.



7. Tuck the edge inside.



8. Tie it with the ribbon.



9. You are done! Put it between your clothes and enjoy the wonderful smell!