How To Make Luminaries Using Clam Shells

Tabletop luminaries bring life to every occasion like weddings, corporate gatherings or even anniversaries.  They add a romantic effect to the event, thus making them more popular these days.  Most custom made luminaries are quite costly.  Some of them are made to order to suit the occasion, which is most of the time expensive.  In this tutorial, we will be teaching you how to make luminaries using clam shells.  Yes, you heard it right!  Clam shells from the clams that you probably ate last night in your pesto pasta.  The beauty of recycling primarily sits on your creativity, thus producing a beautiful piece after.  So why don’t you take those clam shells out of the trash and begin making this classic luminary?!


How To Make Luminaries – Supplies:

  • small tin can
  • tea light
  • several clam shells
  • used clean toothbrush
  • cutter
  • lighter
  • hot glue
  • baking soda or detergent

luminary photo 1



How To Make Luminaries:

Step 1:  Clean your tin can using a sharp material like the cutter.

luminary photo 2


Step 2:  Clean the clam shells using a clean toothbrush that can be submerged in baking soda or a detergent.

luminary photo 3


Step 3:  Glue the clam shells on the tin can.  Make sure that the bottom of the can aligns with the bottom of the shell.

luminary photo 4


Step 4:  Continue gluing the clam shells around the can until you completely cover it.  This would be the first layer.

luminary photo 5


Step 5:  In making the second layer, place the shell in between the two clam shells on the first layer.  Make sure to place it on top of the two shells.

luminary photo 6


Step 6:  Continue gluing the second layer until you cover the gaps in the first layer.

luminary photo 7


Step 7:  It should look like this when finished.

luminary photo 8


Step 8:  Place the tealight in the middle of the clam shell covered can.

luminary photo 9


Step 9:  Light up the shell luminary using a lighter.

luminary photo 10


Step 10:  You can now place your classic clam shell luminary on the top of your table or this can add some accent on your side tables, or even better if placed in groups on the center table.  It’s your call after all!

luminary photo 11


Step 11: Finished!  Make use of the shells after eating your clams.  This will not only help the environment, but also adds a Zen feel to your home or add life to your event.  So better start making one now and be eco-friendly!

luminary photo 12


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