How To Make a Japanese Lantern

You love Japan, you’re having a Japanese themed party or you’re just looking to make something pretty to decorate your home with? Why not make a Japanese lantern? I will show you how to make a Japanese Lantern.

This paper lantern is similar to the ones used at Japanese festivals. You can draw something on it or even decorate it with kanji ( Japanese characters ) to make it look like the real thing.



How To Make a Japanese Lantern – Supplies:

–  glue stick

– scissors

– a small glass ( or something cylindrical )

– colored paper

– wire


How To Make a Japanese Lantern:

1. Cut 80 from the wire and wrap it around the glass or the cylindrical object you’re using. After you finish, take the glass out. You will be left with the lantern’s inner structure.



2.  Cut another small piece of wire ( about 20 cm ) and make a handle for the lantern like seen in the image below.



3. Start cutting long and narrow strips from the colored paper.



4.  Put them over the lantern’s body and glue them inside.



5. Do this until there you cover the whole body.  Now you can decorate your lantern! I  chose the kanji for “ai”, which means “love” in Japanese.