Graham Cracker S’more Sandwich Recipe

Who’s drooling over s’mores?! a combination of toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate!? Well, who doesn’t?, Today, I am sharing you the easiest treat that anyone could make. You don’t need to be on camping to make Graham cracker s’more sandwiches. Here’s a brilliant s’more recipe treat that requires no campfire. We can make this one at home in no more than 10 minutes on preparing. Another fun craft food activity for kids, a gooey goodness that everyone can’t resist.

Graham Cracker S’more Sandwich – Ingredients and Supplies

Graham Cracker S’more Sandwich- Instructions

1. Get all your ingredients. You can use Hershey’s chocolate bar, or any local plain chocolate.


2. Line your graham crackers on a flat surface.

3.Get your chocolate bar, break apart segments and place on the top of the crackers.

4.And carefully add marshmallows on the top of the chocolate.


5.Line them into the baking sheet and set the oven toaster for about 2-3 minutes. Keep an eye on the marshmallows. Let them cook until the marshmallows turned golden brown on top. And the chocolate bar started to melt.


7.Take them off from the toaster and place another graham cracker on top.


8. Squeeze gently to have oozing chocolate out the sides. You’re done! So quick and easy. Enjoy your Graham Cracker S’more Sandwich!