Feather Earrings Tutorial

Few years back, feather earrings were at the top of accessories lists. Girls (including myself :-))  were going crazy searching for feather earrings. I was seriously obsessed with peacock feather as their color inspired me so much. I was dying to get a pair of peacock feather earrings. Then I decided to make them myself when I realized it was super easy.


DIY Peacock Earrings 4

Here is an easy tutorial to make your own peacock feather earrings. I am excited to share this tutorial so that you can make your feature earrings if you like. You can get the earring material from a hardware shop or online jewellery supplies. I bought a dozen of peacock feathers from a wholesale shop a while back. You can also use other feathers. Trim the feathers to the length and shape you want, and put them on with a fancy hobo braid or beach waves. The shuttle beads are optional you can just use loops and earring tussles. Ready, now let’s look into the details.

DIY Peacock Earrings 3

Feather Earrings Supplies:

  1. Peacock feathers (of equal measurement, or other feathers of your choice)
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Earring tussles
  5. Loops
  6. Shuttle beads optional

DIY Peacock Earrings 1


Step By Step Feather Earrings Tutorial:

  1. Cut the feather half an inch above the broader area.
  2. Make sure they are equal in size.
  3. Pass the feather through the shuttle bead.
  4. Pass the loop following the shuttle bead.
  5. Fold the excess part of the feather and fix it with glue.
  6. For neat touch take a thin feather from the stem and wrap it on the wet glue.
  7. Trim off any fly away.
  8. When dry pass the tussles.
  9. Hold earrings equally and trim of the length if required

DIY Peacock Earrings 2

DIY Peacock Earrings 2


Aren’t the earrings looking gorgeous?




Disclaimer: We are big supporter of no animals were harmed!