Fashionable and Festive Shamrock Bracelet

Girls and ladies love wearing bracelets that normally matches their dresses.  Most of the time, bracelets are worn based on the occasion that they will be attending.  Today, we will be making a fashionable, yet simple bracelet that goes with the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  We will use shamrocks here since a shamrock is a symbolic object of the St. Patrick’s Day.  So if you are up to the challenge, let’s start crafting this bracelet now!


Gather the supplies for this bracelet tutorial:

  • rubber sponge (green, yellow green, yellow and white)
  • Short, pointed scissors
  • Velcro
  • scissors
  • hot glue

bracelet photo materials



Fashionable and Festive Shamrock Bracelet Tutorial:

Step 1:  Cut a 3 centimeter white strip.

bracelet photo 1


Step 2:  Wrap the white strip around your arm to check if it fits well.  Cut the excess if there is any.

bracelet photo 2


Step 3:  Cut  a 2 centimeter yellow strip.

bracelet photo 3


Step 4:  Hot glue the yellow strip on the white strip  Make sure that the yellow strip is situated in the middle, so that the white strip will be seen on top and bottom part.

bracelet photo 4


Step 5:  Cut a small piece of Velcro.

bracelet photo 5


Step 6:  Hot glue the Velcro on the edges of the bracelet body.

bracelet photo 6


Step 7:  Cut three small shamrocks from the yellow green rubber sponge.

bracelet photo 7


Step 8:  Stick the shamrocks on the green rubber sponge.

bracelet photo 8


Step 9:  Cut the green rubber sponge based on the shamrock shape.  Make sure to leave a small border as you cut around this.

bracelet photo 9


Step 10:  Fit the bracelet and make the necessary adjustments, if needed.

bracelet photo 10


Step 11:  Finally done!

bracelet photo 11


Step 12:  You now have a fashionable and festive shamrock bracelet ready for St. Patrick’s Day event.  Make one for you and your friends!  Enjoy!

bracelet photo 12


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