DIY Bag Charm Tutorial

The idea of DIY project is to make stuff by yourself rather than buying them from expensive shops.The stuff you make is great to show your individuality and originality. Today I am going to show you how to make a DIY bag charm.

For this project, I will use the peacock feather. (Don’t forget to check out my peacock feather earrings.) Peacocks are one of the nature’s wonder that are unmatchable. The texture, the colors, and the vibrancy of peacock feathers have been inspirational for so many arts and creations. This bag charm is one of my inspirations. Nothing is more shining than a peacock feather charm hanging from your bag.

I have searched for a feather charm for a very long time. All I I found was metallic features or key chains that looked like peacocks. I decided to make my own peacock bag charm that goes with my tribal print bag. So here goes how to make your very own feather bag charms.




Peacock bag charm – Supplies:

1. Two peacock feathers of the same size

2. Glue

3. Loops

4. Lock (can take off from any broken necklace or buy it from a jewelry supplies shop)

5. Scissors

6. Shuttle beads (optional)


Peacock Bag Charm 1

DIY Bag Charm Tutorial Steps:


1. Take the feathers

2. Cut them ½ an inch above the broader part of the feather.

3. Bend from the mid section as it will be easier to estimate how long the charm will be.

4. Pass the shuttle bead.

5. Followed by the loop

6. Secure by applying glue.

7. Take a thin feather from the stem of the peacock’s feather and wrap it around the wet glue. Make sure you do it neat.

8. Let it dry.

9. Glue the back side of the feather very gently and carefully making sure the glue doesn’t touch the front of the feather.

10. Paste the other feather right above the same measurement of the feather.

11. DO NOT rub the feather together. Gently put it on the wet glue and let it dry.

12. Pass loop through the lock.

13. And pass the loop/lock through the loop in the feather.


Peacock Bag Charm 2

Peacock Bag Charm 2_Fotor

It sounds too complicated, but really I just took a pair of feathers and glued them at the back of each other with their front on surface (it is okay if you don’t want to add them on both sides). This trick of having feathers on both sides will make it look professional.  Then add a lock to the feathers. You can add different feathers in one charm as well. That’s it. How do you like my new bag charm?

Peacock Bag charm 3