Desk Organizer Made Of Toilet Paper Rolls

I realized recently that I waste a lot of time finding craft supplies. Most of the time, they are hidden in some corners and rarely used. I felt a need for all my craft supplies to be in one place -my colors, brushes, markers etc. to be organized in a desk organizer so that they are easy to access. The desk organizer can also remind me of the wonderful stuff I own.

 This made me think of a DIY project. I came up with this idea of using no fancy materials, but making good use of the things I already had at home. And… this desk organizer made of toilet paper rolls was what I did!

This is a recycled craft project and so the prime materials I have used in this project are the ones we usually throw as a waste. You could use these to make a beautiful desk organizer for yourself and keep admiring your creativity!


DIY toilet paper roll desk organizer supplies:

  • An empty carton box
  • Eight toilet paper rolls – this may vary depending on the size of your box/ carton
  • Old magazines
  • All purpose glue
  • Scissors



In this project I have used a beverage carton measuring 25 cms in length- you could use any empty box depending on the quantity of materials you want to organize. The bigger the box, more space you get to organize.


Here’s how to make your own desk organizer:


Step 1: Cut the carton carefully into two pieces using scissors or any sharp cutting  tool you have. In this project I have cut the first box at 10 cms from one end and the second one at 8 cms from the other end. I cut two boxes at different measurements because I have some little things to organize like small markers and tools and some taller ones like paint brushes and color pencils.

Step 1

While you cut the second piece, three sides of the box should measure 8 cms, one side should be measured and cut at 15 cms from the base, as shown in the picture. This will make a handle for the desk organizer you are going to create. Now, I have two boxes with a base.


Step 2: Cut the toilet paper rolls a little shorter than the actual box measurement. I could fit in four toilet paper rolls in each box. And so, I cut four of them at 6.5 cms for the box measuring 10cms and 5.5 cms for the box measuring 8 cms. Also, you need to punch out or cut an oval in the top middle of the 15cms flap of the smaller box to create a handle.

Step 2


Step 3: Now, it’s time to cover your desk organizer. Pick some interesting pages – bright colors or patterns of your choice that you think would look good as a cover for your desk organizer. Cover the toilet paper rolls and the two boxes inside out using all purpose glue. I have used old magazine papers for the toilet paper rolls and the inside of the box. I used a bit of gift wrapping paper to cover up the outside of the desk organizer.

 Step 3


Step 4: Now, paste the covered toilet paper rolls in each box and paste the box to each other as shown in the picture. Let it dry completely.

 Step 4


Step 5: You could embellish your box as you like. I have punched out some flowers from old magazines and made a centerpiece for my project. You could use your creativity and personalize your own handmade desk organizer! Once your desk organizer is completely dry, you could arrange all your craft supplies and admire your work!

 Step 5


Happy Organizing!

Desk Organizer Made Of Toilet Paper Rolls