Desk Lamp Made From Brandy Glass

Desk lamp or luminary is used to illuminate a dark space. Nowadays, Desk lamps are often used to several special events to create an intimate atmosphere.  They usually use tea lights as the lighting source.

Brandy glass, or Brandy snifter as called by many, is short-stemmed glassware that is normally used to serve old brown spirits like Whiskey or Brandy.  It was designed as such to trap the aroma inside the glass.  These snifters are not totally filled when used, instead, only a small part of its capacity is being filled.

Today, we will be making a combination of the two diverse objects to form an awesome product:  a Brandy glass desk lamp!  So if you want to have one, you can feel free to follow the steps below.


Supplies For Desk Lamp Made From Brandy Glass:

  • 3 pieces of colored paper (purple, pink and light blue)
  • Brandy glass
  • double-sided tape
  • pencil
  • pattern paper
  • measuring tape
  • tealight
  • a pair of scissors
  • hot glue
  • lighter
  • glitters, sequence or any small reflective particle (e.g. metallic stars, metallic smiley, metallic moon and constellations)

brandy materials



Desk Lamp Tutorial:

Step 1:  Measure the lip part of the brandy glass using a measuring tape.

brandy photo 1


Step 2:  Measure the widest hip of the brandy glass as well.

brandy photo 2


Step 3:  Draw a 2-dimension cone on a piece of pattern paper based on the measurements of the brandy glass.

brandy photo 3


Step 4:  Cut the cone pattern.

brandy photo 4


Step 5:  Fold the pattern into a smaller piece, thereby creating a much thinner cone.

brandy photo 5


Step 6:  Remove the pointed part of the cone by simply cutting it.  This will be the opening of the lamp from the top.

brandy photo 6


Step 7:  The opened cone pattern should look like this.

brandy photo 7


Step 8:  Trace the pattern on a pink colored paper.  This will be the main body of the brandy glass desk lamp.

brandy photo 8


Step 9:  Cut the traced pink paper.

brandy photo 9


Step 10:  Cut several pointed triangles from the purple and the light blue colored papers.  The size of the triangle would depend on your liking.

brandy photo 10


Step 11:  Line the light blue and purple triangle on the bottom part of the pink cone body.  This should be glued in an alternate fashion.  Continue doing this until you fill the whole bottom lining of the pink cone.

brandy photo 11


Step 12:  Randomly glue the reflective particles on the pink cone body.  The amount of the small reflective particles would depend on your own taste.  You can achieve better results if they are distributed equally on the surface.

brandy photo 12


Step 13:  Put a small strip double-sided tape in the ends of the pink cone.

brandy photo 13


Step 14:  Stick the ends together to form the cone body of the brandy glass desk lamp.

brandy photo 14


Step 15:  Place a piece of tealight on the brandy glass.

brandy photo 15


Step 16:  Light up the tealight.

brandy photo 16


Step 17:  Cover the pink cone over the lighted brandy glass.

brandy photo 17


Step 18:  Finally!  You now have your awesome snifter lamp!

brandy photo 18


Step 19:  You can now display your snifter lamp wherever you want!

brandy photo 19


This snifter desk lamp adds a romantic feel to the place and is perfect for intimate events!  Try making one and let me know if it works for you!


brandy Featured photo