Custom Picture Frames With Recycled Materials

Recycling has been one of my favorite things to do! It is something that will not be heavy on your budget, but also, gives you a kind of satisfaction after you see your final image – You sure wouldn’t have imagined something waste could turn out to be something gorgeous! I have a very keen interest in turning waste into useful and attractive crafts. Among several things that I have done lately are these custom picture frames with recycled materials. I would love to share with you how I made these custom picture frames to get you inspired.

 Feature Image

This custom picture frames project will teach you how to use your empty cd cases and make yourself little picture frames to cherish. I have used minimum materials- most of them are always lying around in corners of my house! Let’s see how I made these interesting custom picture frames today!


To make your own recycled custom picture frames, you will need the following craft supplies:

  • An empty CD case
  • A gift wrapper or any other scrap book paper
  • A piece of cardboard for the frame
  • A photo of your choice – measuring the cover of the cd frame
  • Ribbons and other embellishments to decorate your frame
  • Glue
  • Pair of Scissors/ Cutting Blade
  • Mounting tape

 You will need

So, let’s begin:

Custom picture frames instructions


Step 1: Draw an outline on your piece of cardboard to measure the size of your frame using the empty CD case.

 Step 1

Step 2: Measure the thickness of your frame – Here, I have measured approximately 3.5 cms from the outline and marked the outlines of my frame.

 Step 2

Step 3: Cut the inner rectangle that is formed once the borders are outlined and using your cutting tool carefully cut along the edges of your marking.

 Step 3

Step 4: Cover the front side of your frame with gift wrapper or any other colorful paper of your choice and tack it behind the frame as shown

 Step 4

Step 5: Embellish your photo frame with flowers and ribbons to make it more appealing. You could use your creative ideas to decorate and customize with your theme.

Step 5

Step 6: Once you have decorated your frame, paste mounting tape behind your frame and attach it to the front of the cd cover. Slip in a photo of your choice and Voila! your recycled custom picture frame is ready!

 Final Image

Enjoy your creativity! Happy Recycling!