Custom Coasters Tutorial

Drink coasters or beer mats are used to protect the table surface from drinking glasses.  In most cases, these coasters are used to absorb the condensation or the water droplets dripping off the glass.  But did you know that custom coasters can also be good gifts to your loved one on such special occasions as Valentine’s Day?  Personalized coasters would definitely find a soft spot to one’s heart and you will be surprised that your special one will truly appreciate this special gift.  Let’s begin our custom coasters tutorial!


Custom coasters tutorial – supplies

  • 4 pcs. crafting felt (red, pink, purple and light blue)
  • crochet thread
  • big sewing needle
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • pattern paper

Valentine coaster photo 1


Step by step custom coasters tutorial

STEP 1:  Draw a medium heart on a piece of pattern paper.

Valentine coaster photo 2

STEP 2:  Cut the heart pattern using a pair of scissors.

Valentine coaster photo 3


STEP 3:  Using the heart pattern, cut a heart from the red crafting felt

Valentine coaster photo 4


STEP 4:  Cut a pink heart using the red heart felt.  Make sure to cut this with borders on the sides to create a better effect.

Valentine coaster photo 5


STEP 5:  Single thread the needle.

Valentine coaster photo 6


STEP 6:  Place the red heart over the pink heart and sew this using a running stitch near the edge of the red heart.

Valentine coaster photo 7


STEP 7:  Cut a square from the purple craft felt.  The dimensions should be 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch.

Valentine coaster photo 8


STEP 8:  Cut a 2-cm. thick strip from the light blue craft felt and place it on one edge of the coaster.  Cut the excess on the sides of the strip.  Do the same for the opposite edge.  This will accentuate the coaster further.

Valentine coaster photo 9


STEP 9:  Sew the edges of the coaster.  Include the light blue accents on the two opposite sides of it.  Use a blanket stitch for this.

Valentine coaster photo 10


STEP 10:  Place the heart in the middle of the coaster.  Sew the heart using a blanket stitch around the heart area.

Valentine coaster photo 11


STEP 11:  Flatten the coaster on the table and make the necessary adjustments possible.  And you are finally done!

Valentine coaster photo 12


STEP 12:  You can now use your custom coasters on any cup, mug or glass.

Valentine coaster photo 13


STEP 13:  Now ready to use!  This will absorb the water vapor of the glass since the material has a good absorption capability.  So what are you waiting for?  Make these custom coasters for yourself or your loved one now!

Valentine coaster photo 14


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