Carnation Flower Table Decor

Flowers give life to the room.  But keep fresh flowers could be costly as most fresh flowers only last several days.  So in order to preserve them, most of the flower lovers tend to find ways of extending their life, it could be in the form of adding additives to the water or potting them in a healthy soil.  For busy people who just want to beautify their place, they simply buy artificial flowers that can be seen in the market.  Most of them are made out of plastics or canvass.  Some can be expensive, especially if it is well arranged.  But did you know that you can make this beautiful table décor piece in less than $5?  Well if you want to have one, then let me show you how to make a lovely carnation flower for your table décor.  Let us begin!


Supplies For Carnation Flower Table Decor:

  • 5 different colors of crepe paper
  • scissors
  • a small piece of styroball
  • a small plastic cup (e.g. yogurt, etc.)
  • thin wire
  • long nose pliers
  • a piece of green rubber sponge
  • hot glue

carnation photo materials



How To Make Carnation Flower Table Decor:

Step 1:  Run the plastic cup on top of the rubber sponge.  This will create a slightly visible trace.

carnation photo 1


Step 2:  Cut the trace of the small plastic cup.

carnation photo 2


Step 3:  Wrap the green rubber sponge around the small plastic cup and glue it to seal the ends.

carnation photo 3


Step 4:  Insert the styroball on top of the small plastic cup opening.  Make sure that half of the styroballs body is exposed externally.  Use a hot glue to permanently stick the styroball to the plastic cup.

carnation photo 4


Step 5:  Cut several strips of crepe paper.  The width should be at least 2 to 3 centimeters.

carnation photo 5


Step 6:  Cut a considerable amount of thin wire that is about 8 to 10 centimeters long.

carnation photo 6


Step 7:  Fold the crepe paper strip lengthwise.

carnation photo 7


Step 8:  Roll the folded crepe paper in a random and semi-crumpled look.  Continue doing this until you reach the end of the strip.  This will be the carnation flower.

carnation photo 8


Step 9:  Wrap the bottom of the crepe flower with a thin wire.  Do this twice or thrice until you feel that the flower is already secured permanently.

carnation photo 9


Step 10:  After wrapping the bottom of the flower, make a stem out of the wire.  This will be used to stick the flower on the styroball later on.

carnation photo 10


Step 11:  Keep on making several flowers using different colors of crepe papers.

carnation photo 11


Step 12:  Stick the flower on the styroball using the stem wire.  Make the stabbing as deep as possible to avoid popping of the flowers.

carnation photo 12


Step 13:  Continue doing this until the styroball is completely filled with carnation flowers.

carnation photo 13


Step 14:  Finally done!  You now have a lovely carnation flower table décor.

carnation photo 14


This will surely beautify your plain table.  Why don’t you try this one out?  Hope you like these crepe paper flower table decor!


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