Butterfly Headband Tutorial

Girls love pretty accessories. A beautiful headband is one of them. Headbands are usually made from plastic or metal. There are different types of headbands available in the market. The designs and quality dictate the price of the headband. But did you know that you can make your own personalized headbands easily? Today we will show you how to make a pretty butterfly headband.

We know for a fact that kids love fairies. Fairies normally have wings that are synonymous to butterfly wings. Therefore, we will incorporate a self-made fairy butterfly on this DIY headband. This project will be a fun activity for kids, but make sure to guide them as you go along the steps. Let us start making this butterfly headband now!


Supplies for butterfly headband:

  • 4 pcs. rubber sponge (orange, pink, light blue and green)
  • plastic plain headband
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • a piece of pink pipe cleaner

butterfly headband photo 1



Step by step instructions to make butterfly headband:

Step 1:  Wrap the topmost part body of the plastic headband using a green rubber sponge.

butterfly headband photo 2


Step 2:  Cut the excess rubber sponge on the edges of the headband.

butterfly headband photo 3


Step 3:  Cut several strips of rubber sponge that is at least 1 centimeter thick.  Length would be around 6 to 8 centimeters.  Cut two pieces of pink, four pieces of orange and two pieces of light blue.

butterfly headband photo 4


Step 4:  Tightly roll the orange strips.  Take note that you must have one big rolled orange rubber sponge, which will serve as the head of the butterfly and three equally rolled orange rubber sponge, which is quite smaller than the head.  Hot glue the ends to seal the roll.

butterfly headband photo 5


Step 5:  Hot glue the orange rolls together, with the biggest one on the top end of it.  This will be the body of the butterfly.

butterfly headband photo 6


Step 6:  Roll one end of the pink rubber sponge to form a small tight circle.  Hot glue it to seal the small roll on one end.  This will be the top wing of the butterfly.

butterfly headband photo 7


Step 7: From the sealed end of the small roll, loop it to form a teardrop shape and glue it to the small roll that you have made in step 6.

butterfly headband photo 8


Step 8:  Form a bigger loop over the first loop that was made from step 7.  Glue this on the same location the first loop was glued, near the small roll.  The small roll serves as the main base or end tip of the top wing.

butterfly headband photo 9


Step 9: Make another pink top wing and follow the same steps in making these.  It will look like this when done.

butterfly headband photo 10


Step 10:  Get the light blue strip and make a smaller pair for the bottom wing of the butterfly.  Follow the same procedure from the top wing, but make a smaller loop for each.

butterfly headband photo 11


Step 11:  Hot glue the top wing on both sides of the butterfly body, just below the head of it.  Take note that it must be glued at a 45 degree angle, approximately.  Do the same for the bottom wing.  Glue this on the opposite 45 degree angle to the top wing.

butterfly headband photo 12


Step 12:  Cut two pieces of 5-centimeter pink pipe cleaner.  Swirl or curve one end.  This will be the antenna of the butterfly.

butterfly headband photo 13


Step 13: Carefully stick the antenna on the head of the butterfly.

butterfly headband photo 14


Step 14:  Glue the butterfly now on the headband.

butterfly headband photo 15


Step 15:  Wear your headband and make the necessary adjustments, if needed.

butterfly headband photo 16


Step 16:  Finally done!  You now have a pretty butterfly headband!  Hope you like it!  Enjoy!

butterfly headband photo 17

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