Bangle Bracelets With Thread And Rope

Bangle bracelets are easy to make, affordable, light weight and vibrant. Bangle bracelets can be made using materials at home and are easy to make using any sort of lace, thread strings or rope lace available. Make some bangle bracelets to match your dress or rock them in any style you desire. Let’s look at how to make bangle bracelets with thread and rope.

Bangle bracelets – supplies:

  1. Scissors
  2. Glue
  3. Bangles 2 pieces metal or glass (make sure it’s a hard glass not a brittle one)
  4. Lace, thread or any assorted fabric

Step by step bangle bracelets tutorial:

  1. Take two bangles.
  2. Cut the laces in half a meter to 1 meter length approx. You can contrast with different design as shown.
  3. Taking fabric glue or any other.
  4. Glue the bangles all around
  5. Hold the lace from one end and start wrapping it around in the bangle firmly avoiding gaps between the lace.
  6. When wrapped put aside to dry.
  7. Apply glue over the wrapped bangle. And wrapped the contrasting piece over the bangle, gluing it layer over the other.
  8. And Voila! Your bangle bracelets are ready to show.

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