Adorable St. Patrick’s Leprechaun

Leprechauns are often associated with St. Patrick’s Day.  They symbolize luck.  According to the myth, once you see a leprechaun, luck will enter your life.  They are believed to hide their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Originally, leprechauns are wearing red, but since the 1900, the Irish people changed this into green.  This is in the belief that they can camouflage in the woods and grasses when they hide their treasures.  In this tutorial, you don’t have to find your own leprechaun for luck, instead, we will be making them.  Let’s start!


Adorable St. Patrick’s Leprechaun Supplies:

  • rubber sponge (green, yellow and white)
  • scissors
  • a piece of orange pipe cleaner
  • a piece of toilet paper roll
  • acrylic paints (yellow and blue)
  • a piece of popsicle stick
  • a pair of googly eyes
  • a piece of black craft felt
  • hot glue

leprechaun photo materials



Step By Step Tutorial To Make Adorable St. Patrick’s Leprechaun

Step 1:  Mix a green from the blue and yellow acrylic paint.  Skip this step you already have your own green paint.

leprechaun photo 1


Step 2:  Paint the toilet paper roll with green acrylic paint.

leprechaun photo 2


Step 3:  Do a double coat on the toilet paper roll once the first coat dries.

leprechaun photo 3


Step 4:  Let the paint dry for an hour.

leprechaun photo 4


Step 5:  Cut a medium circle from the green rubber sponge.  Cut a hole in the middle of it.  The hole should be the same diameter with the hole of the toilet paper roll.  This will serve as the brim of the leprechaun’s hat.

leprechaun photo 5


Step 6:  Insert the green rubber circle on the toilet paper roll.  This should be situated on the upper one-third part of the toilet paper roll.  Use a hot glue to permanently stick it.

leprechaun photo 6


Step 7:  Hot glue a piece of green rubber sponge on the topmost part of the toilet paper roll.

leprechaun photo 7


Step 8:  Cut the excess green sponge on the top of the toilet paper roll.

leprechaun photo 8


Step 9:  Cut a small strip from the white rubber sponge.

leprechaun photo 9


Step 10:  Cut a small yellow rectangle.  Cut a small rectangle hole in it.  This will be the buckle of the white strip.  Hot glue the buckle on the middle part of the strip afterwards.

leprechaun photo 10


Step 11:  Hot glue the strip on the upper brim of the leprechaun’s hat.

leprechaun photo 11


Step 12:  Cut a small rectangle from the pink rubber sponge.  Form the lower part into a U-shape.  This will serve as the face of the leprechaun.

leprechaun photo 12


Step 13:  Hot glue the googly eyes in the middle of the face.

leprechaun photo 13


Step 14:  Wrap the orange pipe cleaner around the pencil.

leprechaun photo 14


Step 15:  Flatten the rolled orange pipe cleaner and curve it into a U-shape.  Make sure that the ends are straight and are aligned properly.  This will be the leprechaun beard.

leprechaun photo 15


Step 16:  Hot glue the face just below the brim of the hat.

leprechaun photo 16


Step 17:  Hot glue the beard around the lining of the leprechaun’s face.

leprechaun photo 17


Step 18:  Make another white strip with yellow buckle.  The same steps will be applied from the first one.  This will be the belt of the leprechaun now.

leprechaun photo 18


Step 19:  Make a pair of arms.  Cut two short strips of green rubber sponge.  Curve one side of each.  Cut and glue two short, small yellow strip at the opposite side of the curved green strips.  The yellow strip will be the lining of the leprechaun’s coat.  Cut two small oblongs that will perfectly fit the ends of the yellow lining.  Cut several small curves at the ends of it since this will be the hands of the leprechaun.

leprechaun photo 19


Step 20:  Hot glue the arms on both sides of the leprechaun body.

leprechaun photo 20


Step 21:  Cut two small shoes from the black craft felt.

leprechaun photo 21


Step 22:  Hot glue the shoes at the bottom of the body.

leprechaun photo 22


Step 23:  Tada!  You are finally done with your adorable St. Patrick’s leprechaun.

leprechaun photo 23


How do you like it? What crafts do you do for St. Patrick’s Day?


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